Fireswirl Technologies Inc.
China E-Commerce

Fireswirl Channel Management in China

Fireswirl helps brand-owners to management online sales channels in China to maximize sales and brand exposure in the competitive e-commerce market.

In land-based retailing, sales of branded products would go different retail tiers, such as flagship stores, franchise stores, consignment counters and discount outlets. In the e-commerce world of China, products could be sold through the official online store, branded stores in major retail marketplaces, affiliate online retailers and other online channels.

Fireswirl has an extensive network of online retail channels and has its system integrated with major online malls, such as Taobao Mall. We help brand owners to open up and manage these online channels in order to optimize distribution and to cover different product categories, price segments and sales cycles.

Fireswirl e-Commerce Platform also provide an integrated view to the brand owner to manage all Internet sales channels within a single online console.


   Internet Sales Channels

  • Official Online Store
  • Branded Stores in Online Malls
  • Affiliate Online Retailers
  • Group Order Channels
  • Seckill Channels
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