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China E-Marketing

Fireswirl e-Marketing Service

Proprietary Market Intelligence

By capturing non-customer specific shop browsing and product ordering actions, Fireswirl analyses the behavior of Chinese consumers based on a wide range of criteria such as gender, age group, income level, interest and geographic region. The result of this proprietary process provides non-customer specific but highly effective marketing data.

Through years of e-commerce operation, Fireswirl has built an extensive online marketing knowledge base. With our consumer behavior analysis system, brand owners can predict the demography of their target customers. The system is used in maintaining customer relationship, up-selling products and services to existing customers, as well as building marketing campaigns for highly targeting groups of new customers in the market.

Effective Marketing Solution

Fireswirl provides effective and cost-optimized e-marketing solution to its partners and clients. China is a highly competitive market, and e-marketing is essential for brand owners who wish to obtain sustainable sales growth and create brand recognition.

Fireswirl is highly experienced in online marketing in China. Our proven methodology and established advertising network has enabled many of our brand partners to enjoy continuous sales growth and productive brand exposure.